Jamboree Creek is an initiative of Ms. Priyanka Sharma, a graduate from Taj Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad & University of Huddersfield, UK., who left the metropolitan life, moved to a small village in Goa to start this enterprise of “Jamboree Creek” at the age of 21. Her desire being to work with and closer to nature using concept of eco living and permaculture wherever possible. She has been traveling around continents to get ideas and inspiration on how to make holiday a productive and creative way of life for everyone.
Cottages, made of pine wood, have been designed in collaboration with a Dutch and Indian duo (Simrit and Ridha) Permaculture designers and architect which are nestled in serene and lush green location.
You will experience unique open to air showers with mud and oxide walls in the bath perfect for sun bathing and moon gazing.
A French designed swimming pool and a “green” creek side by the pool is a perfect and serene place to spend the starry evenings with a cup of beverage of your choice.!!!
Family and friends have been helping Priyanka a lot over the years to make Jamboree what it is today.

JAMBOREE means a gathering and we only We hope That we will open new doors for you and add something to your life – whether it’s learning to start your own garden or understanding a bit more about how to support the earth that we all rely on to live.
We are endeavoring to turn ‘Green’ and the focus is on planting trees . The plot on which the resort is situated is being planned to be converted in an eco reset and the turn around has begun as part of the afforestation project.
– Daily yoga classes are on at jamboree with international teachers of different styles and levels .
– 6 days a week – morning and evening classes. Rs 300 per class per person.
– We also give out the space to yoga groups for teachers training programs and yoga camps, for workshops related to Capoeira, Tai Chi, Art , Acro Yoga and more.

A small kitchen garden to begin with has been established to give our values patron a clean, green and organic kitchen. Start your day with organically home grown lemongrass tea, fresh fruit from out trees and our own veggies can keep you happy and relaxed.

Beach close to JamBoree Creek

Ashvem beach is another virgin locale, located quite away from the hustle bustle of beaches like Anjuna or Baga. Very serene, quiet and a perfect location for people who wants to get away from the routine of worldly life. When in the mood for solitude, head for Ashvem beach, five minutes’ walk from the resort through a private bridge and are perfect for quite moments. Ashvem is also a nesting ground of endangered Olive Ridley Turtle. Early morning dolphin-spotting boats also begins from here, which we organize on request.

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